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Choose right robot for your needs

Robots are great because they work tirelessly 24/7 until they finish their tasks at hand (or run out of battery). But before you begin to automate your warehouse, you need to make sure that you have the right robot for the job. This can be a confusing process because there are two main types of rpa robotsmoving robots and sorting robots.

Deus Moving Robots

Moving robots

Moving robots are designed for picking up items from shelves or pallets and putting them into bins or crates. They’re ideal for companies who want to streamline their packing process by automating manual tasks like loading boxes onto trucks or repackaging bulk orders into smaller units for shipping out to customers.

Deus Sorting Robots

Sorting robots

Sorting robots perform tasks like inspecting products or separating products into different categories based on size or color—for example, separating bananas from apples so they don’t get mixed together during shipping. If your company has a lot of sorting needs within its warehouses then investing in a sorting technology may pay off big time!

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